iPhone 6S AT&T Users Get Direct T-Mobile Discount

T-Mobile until last year was fourth largest network in United States but it surpassed Sprint to claim the number three spot this year. That definitely sounds good for T-Mobile. Just before clock shows 2016, T-Mobile wants to achieve something big, maybe the #2 spot in sight but not too early. Right now for the holiday season we have tempting offer with plans to steal users from AT&T.iPhone 6S Deals in India

If you are an AT&T subscriber or even Cricket Wireless will do it, then choosing T-Mobile will give you $200 off on iPhone 6S 128 GB model. So that makes 128 GB model available at a price of 16 GB edition. The deals sounds quite easy, you just need to move over to T-Mobile, pick 128 GB iPhone 6S and you will have $200 discount. On T-Mobile you will have to choose Simple Choice postpaid plan. That’s a massive discount, seriously and definitely worth it because you are not exchanging anything. This is a part of holiday season discount for T-Mobile customers but discount sale has already started much ahead for the carrier in Pink.

This new promotional offers for current AT&T subscribers starts from 4th December and will run through December 13, 2015.

So are you ready to jump over to T-Mobile?

Via: T-Mobile

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