iPhone 7 2016 All New Leak with A New Photo

Apple iPhone 7 leak
Image Source : KKJ.CN

Upcoming iPhone 7 has been leaked so many times in the past although we are still more than 100 days away from the official launch. The successor to iPhone 6S Plus is definitely coming and it should be definitely out with exciting features. So here is the latest iPhone 7, still doesn’t confirming whether it’s real or not.


First of all, many people want their iPhone to be waterproof. So, iPhone 7 with water resistant feature is one on the cart by the Cupertino giant. I remember Zach Straley was the first one to do iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus waterproof test and to surprise of all, both the handsets were able to withstand water and passed the examination with flying colors. More attention will be paid to iPhone 7 to make it completely water-proof.


Here is what we know about iPhone 7 –

  • A new design and shell, to be thinner than iPhone 6S/6S Plus
  • 3 Gigs of RAM
  • Apple A9 Processor
  • AMOLED screen with Sapphire display
  • 7 inch display for iPhone 7 and 5.5 inch display for iPhone 7 Plus

Taste of Latest Technology

There are rumors that Apple will also replace 3.5 mm audio jack with something with latest technology and USB Type-C is definitely expected.

And finally the iPhone 7 will be free from issues found iPhone 6S or any latest iPhone model.

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