HTC One X2 smartphone has been rumored. Checkout HTC One X2 release date, specifications, features,availability, price and other details.

The Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II are certainly the powerful smartphone from the house of the Korean giant. HTC One X smartphone when launched, it has pretty much better specifications and hardware profile than its counter parts. Moreover its recent Android update has made it better. We hear lot many speculations about the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 but there isn’t any rumors about the One X successor smartphone.HTC One X2 Phone

HTC One X2

We are sure that HTC Corporation is certainly gearing up for HTC One X2, the One X successor to compete with the upcoming Samsung smartphone. It’s only HTC that can lock horns face to face with Samsung devices, other just go out of the line. HTC might come out with One X2 silently just like its predecessor at MWC 2013 as we hear nothing from HTC for the upcoming CES 2013.

When One X2 will be launched, it will certainly be the flagship smartphone for that year by HTC and we might see it in 2013 for sure. With One X+ launched very recently ideally higher end smartphone than the One X, One X2 is up for certainly delay. If One X2 has to come for CES or MWC 2013, then it should have been appeared in the GL Benchmark test. This is the reasons why we think that One X2 is up for a long delay.

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If One X2 has to come in the market then it should include the quad core processor and be with 4.5 inches or higher display providing 1080p HD resolution. Dual core smartphones are no where no considered to be high-end smartphones and we see One X2 should include the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean version pre-installed. One thing we are more happy about the HTC Android devices is that they come pre-installed with the latest version of the Android unlike the Sony or Motorola devices.