Is Technology Revolutionising Education?


Today technology is an integral part of our life. Why? Technology like the Internet and computers have made life easier. It helps to complete the last minute assignment, project, school work and also research work. It’s used in various fields like for example Medicine, Investigation, Arts etc.

Technology is growing exponentially and the biggest development is in the field of education. How? There are various mobile applications and websites which offer online education to students from primary school to high school, distance education program or even competitive exam courses like JEE, CAT, UPSC etc. Example of one such app is BYJU’S which offers online courses for various subjects like Mathematics and Science concepts like Aufbau principle.

Use of technology in education has brought up the term “eLearning” to us and if you are hearing this term for the first time, then please refer to Wikipedia article on eLearning.

What are the benefits of eLearning?

So, eLearning has got many benefits, some of the major ones I have listed below:

Cost effective and Focused Learning:

When compared to traditional learning the cost of web-based learning is low. Also it is flexible as learners can attend classes from anywhere and anytime. Learning pace of every student is different as it depends on their grasping power and grasping capacity. Therefore online learning platforms help them to study concepts at their own pace.

Save Time and Money:

Since students do not have to travel to a physical place of learning like a classroom the traveling time is saved.

As there is no act of traveling, there is no traveling stress and money for transportation is also saved. Compared to traditional learning, eLearning is less expensive.

Effective Learning:

eLearning is individualized learning. Educators keep the sessions interesting by interacting to learners and explaining the concepts in an understandable way. For example: Kids lose their interest easily if they get bored of a certain topic. Therefore to keep them engaged, teachers explain topics using colorful/creative images, 3D models, animated videos etc. Also, they conduct a quiz and encourage students to participate.

Environmental Impact:

Since it is electronic learning, books, notes, assignments, worksheets are available in pdf and doc formats. Also students can take up tests online. Therefore this results in a paperless way of education. This reduces the noise and air pollution since no traveling. Destruction of trees for the sake of paper is reduced.

Breaking Distance Barriers:

For anyone living in villages and have a college or school at much far distance, eLearning helps thems a lot.

There are many learning Apps which help you with online courses like BYJU’S which is India’s largest education company and is the largest k-12 learning App in India. It includes Mathematics, Physics and Biology courses which also provides Chemistry course like – p block elements.

For a better understanding of concepts, students can subscribe to our BYJU’S YouTube channel:

So, that’s how technology has revolutionized education through eLearning and learning mobile apps.

Yogesh Patel: Yogesh Khetani is a famous Tech Blogger who loves to be surrounded by tech gadgets. So obviously, we can see his contribution here in that field. He also contributes to Now I am Updated website.