Maintainence Management – Under Rated Yet Essential For EVERY Company Out There!

jMaintainence Management

In an age where technology and automation have proliferated into every major industrial sector, every company has to fight tooth and nail for a decent market share. This has forced most managers into a rat race where they are only looking at short term goals and maximizing the profit returns for the present quarter. Of course, this narrow-minded business outlook has led to the abandonment of many good business practices like maintenance management.

However, this has some far-reaching consequences as regular maintenance is one of the most cogs in keeping any business up and running in a smooth manner. In fact, it is not just the manufacturing that is at stake here, regular maintenance procedures make sure that customer, as well as employee satisfaction rates, are kept up as well. All of this combined results in thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars saved in operating expenses as well as asset purchases.

In fact, there are several key components of a business that can benefit from a preventative maintenance program. Let’s take a look at the top 3 sectors within a business that can extract the most monetary gain from the presence of a web-based cmms software.

  1. Timely Risk Centered Management Can Extend the Lifetime of Company Assets

Most companies depend on automated machinery for their day to day functions. In the case of manufacturing companies, a stoppage in the production line due to an unexpected failure in key machinery can cause widespread disruption in everyday workflow.

Not only does this cost the company in terms of wasted man-hours, but it can also lead to a delay in order completion which might cause irreparable damage to business relations. You can easily calculate waste man hours and lost productivity using the guide here.

This is why an automated preventative maintenance program is a crucial and indispensable part of any maintenance management endeavor.

  1. Proper usage of Human Resources

A good CMMS lets the manager have a bird’s eye view of the entire business which helps in resource allocation. This not only leads to better workflow and increased production capabilities but also reduces stress and fatigue on the employees.

A combination of automation and skilled usage of human resources can drastically lower down the overhead production cost for any business.

  1. Maintenance Management Systems Automates Most Regulation Compliance Checks

Workplace safety is among the top priority for any business as they want to make sure that their employees are not exposed to any hazardous situations while they perform their daily jobs. Failing to comply with any of these regulations can not only incur huge fines but can also lead to the permanent closure of a business. So it is better to let an automated software handle and schedule regular compliance checkups so that the machinery can be kept in top shape and the work environment is always safe and secure.

Now while these are only the 3 biggest factors that we have touched upon, there are several other niches and case-specific factors where a good CMMS can be of immense help. In fact it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we say that a CMMS plays a pivotal role in determining the long term success of any company!

By providing a bird’s eye view of the entire operations, taking the burden of scheduled maintenance off human hands and providing a cohesive breakdown of the assets of a company, a CMMS effectively becomes any competent manager’s right-hand man! And if you feel your business is in disarray, or you have expanded too fast or if you feel like everything is falling apart, then a modern CMMS might be just the thing to get your business back on track and running again!

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