Jolla developer of Sailfish OS has release a new software update and it happens to be the biggest of them all with lot many improvements and enhancements included. The headline, Jolla Jolla and other Sailfish phones now support 4G LTE connectivity in most part of the world. Apart from that there are several major improvements over Sailfish browser.Jolla Sailfish Software update

The update is called as Saapunki which combines update 6 and update 7 brings software version. The total download size is about 173 MB.


  • The update changelog happens to be too big with lots of improvements and bug fixes –
  • The biggest, it brings 4G LTE support
  • Facebook notifications in sub-page in events views
  • Folder support in app launcher area
  • Calendar Performance improvements
  • Event location in Calendar shown in hour view now
  • Sync Google Contacts
  • HTML5 fullscreen support in browser
  • Personalize shortcuts on lock-screen pull down menu.
  • Bluetooth now supports additional profiles of phonebook and HID input devices
  • Support of Chinese Handwriting recognition in virtual keyboard
  • Additional Settings for browser apps
  • Quick Scrolling featured in Sailfish view
  • Improved auto-scroll in browser for editing text field content

Via: Together.Jolla