Buy Karma 4G WiFi Hotspot PAYG Price, Plans

The internet is indispensable. We not only need it at home but also carry it around in our pockets wherever we go. Be it to find out where we are, to navigate our way through, to share with the world what we just experienced, we need a working internet connection more often than we need to breathe fresh air.Karma 4G

This is why the Karma 4G hotspot enables you to connect up to eight devices to the wireless hotspot so you do not have to depend on the Wi-Fi signal in the area to be able to have access to the world.

The universal Karma says ‘as you sow so shall you reap’ and so does the Karma hotspot. The more you share, the more free data gets added to your account! It may seem too good to be true but it is true and there is no hidden terms and conditions that will pop up only after you are already into it.

Here are the features that makes Karma 4G the best –

  • The hotspot enables every device in the vicinity to avail the connection. Sharing the internet with new devices only adds to your free data.
  • There is no hidden costs or extra costs beyond the $14 per GB costing.
  • You can connect it to 8 devices at a time and still expect seamless connection.
  • The speed is 12mbps which is double the speed of most other hotspots.
  • The charge stays for as long as 10 hours.
  • It is convenient to carry due to the small size and light weight.

The range of this hotspot is more or less 100 meters. It can go a little beyond that in totally empty open spaces without any hindrance like walls. Any hindrance can in fact reduce the effective range and even affect performance by reducing speed. It is however only available in about 80 cities in the USA right now. You need to check for the availability in your city.

Preethi Khetani: Preethi Khetani is a well known women Blogger from India. Apart from her contribution here, she writes for and Advices Academy as well.