KENT CamEye Provides Next Gen Car Security

Are you looking for a perfect solution to your car security? Want a better solution than Dash cam? Here comes KENT CamEye a next-generation dash-camera with GPS tracker, 2-way calling and lot more to secure your car.

You spend nearly a million rupees on the car but that lacks security. Here comes a perfect car security system in the form of KENT CamEye which not only ensure the security of your car but also the loved ones.

The KENT CamEye includes several functions like time-lapse video recording on cloud, live streaming, 2-way calling, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Based Alerts, GPS tracking and many more. We will go through each of them one by one but lets first go through its specifications.

KENT CamEye Specifications

Going through the KENT CamEye specifications it comes with a 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB inbuilt storage capacity. It’s backed by a 3000 mAh battery which can last for 24 hours on full charge.

Just like smartphones it includes fast charging so that you can charge this device just a couple of minutes before leaving your home. It includes a built-in microphone, 4G connectivity (pre-installed SIM) to send data to cloud. It connects to your car through 12V socket.

The KENT CamEye has simple interface & have the following features:

Dual Camera

Usually, all Car Dash cam has a single camera but this device from KENT has got front as well as back camera within the same device. This will help car owners to see both outsides and inside the car through their app just like how you switch between front and back cameras on your mobile device.

Several reviewers have checked the quality of the camera and what I read from them is that the video quality is good enough to detect people’s faces. The camera has got infrared and light sensors for improved night compatibility.

Live Video Streaming

One of the best features of this dash cam is live video streaming. It allows real-time video streaming for inside or outside view of the car. It helps in visual monitoring of in-car activities available to watch on the mobile screen.

Video Recording on Cloud

Apart from camera normal view, it records all the inside and outside videos continuously while you are in car and the data is stored for 90 days on cloud which can be retrieved in case of accidents or any theft.

GPS Tracker With Route Playback

KENT CamEye Car Camera is enabled with GPS tracker that helps to let you know where your car is on KENT CamEye app in real-time. The KENT CamEye can be used in the older cars as it is a NON-OBD device. The route playback options inform about the places where the car had been during the trip. Even if one misses the real-time updates then he/she can playback the route.

Artificial Intelligence alerts

A variety of alerts option is available in KENT CamEye. These alerts are customizable and the parameters for them can be set as per own requirements. Some of the important AI Alerts include, over speeding, noise level, geo-fence, AC On, the engine idle, trip start and end alerts etc. Breach of any of these triggers an alert on the phone connected to the device through the mobile app.

Trip Analytics

This dash cam cum GPS location tracker provides the trip analytics with graphical representations for easy apprehensions. The detailed trip-related statistics like trip origin, destination, mid-way stoppage locations, trip start, end time, average speed, distance travelled, trip duration, engine idle time, maximum speed, average temperature, total alerts and average in-cabin sound level are recorded and presented for better analysis.

KENT CamEye Apps Features

Through KENT CamEye app you can pair up your device to access those features mentioned above.  It’s available for both Android handsets through Play Store and App Store for iPhone devices.

KENT CamEye sees it all


The KENT CamEye is priced at Rs 17,999 [on Amazon] and you get a three month complimentary subscription. The monthly subscription with them costs around Rs 600 or you can opt for yearly package costing Rs 6,000. Without subscription these features are of no use. So that’s nearly the insurance premium of your car.

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