Download Koala Launcher; Android Launcher for Visually Impaired

Koala Launcher for Android

Phone Launcher for Visually Impaired – Koala Launcher is here for Android Smartphones.

Most of Android launchers have small letters and numbers which are an obstacle for some especially for those who have eyesight problem. And also we have a few smartphones which are dedicated exclusively to the senior citizens. Here comes Koala launcher for Android phones/tablets which provides the best phone interface designed for older people.

Koala Launcher App

With research on what older generation people mostly do on a smartphone, Koala launcher was designed accordingly. In simple words, Koala Launcher is with minimal design, perfectly suitable for those who have vision problems. And that’s what people with low eyesight needs.

And here is how the keypad looks like paying attention to Camera, Contacts, keypad buttons and SOS button.

Koala Launcher Features

Koala Phone launcher features —

  • Large QWERTY keyboard for messages providing classical phone keypad.
  • Touch Optimized apps with a simplified camera, photo viewer, flashlight and alarm clock
  • Provision for text enlargement and vibrates when touched
  • Speech Recognition for SMS and text to speech support
  • Koala Launcher is available for free download via Google Play Store but there is also paid version available. There is also 7 days free trial too available.
Low RAM Launcher

Koala Launcher Play Store Link

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