Kyocera is preparing for two budget friendly mid-range smartphones in United States market. Thanks to EvLeaks that these two upcoming smartphones officially dubbed as Kyocera Elite and Kyocera XTRM has leaked with official photos as well.Kyocera Elite

Just like Samsung, Sony and Motorola, Kyocera doesn’t think of going with any other OS than Android which is doing exceptionally well. While Kyocera Elite will be launched for Verizon Wireless, XTRM will arrive at US Cellular. Interestingly both of these phones are 4G LTE compatible as we see a printed logo on its back and they are with general form factor with full touch support. The Kyocera XTRM name has been abbreviation of Extreme meaning and this indicates the toughness in specifications. As of now specifications of these devices are not known to us but we are not in much delay before its official in United States. Looking at the picture, these looks to be semi mid-range smartphones and should include nothing less than Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system version.

As of now these devices have been leaked by one of the trusted source of leak information but there is now clear dates when this will be officially launched. We can expect not much delay here.