Many LG phones included with LG G3 Vista, G3 Beat, G3 Vigor and G3 Lite are about to release soon.

LG is planning to launch several LG G3 variants for the United States market, the reports from the recent trademark filing shows. We discovered that it will not only be LG G3 Beat (Mini version of LG G3) will be arriving for US but soon other phones like G3 Vista, G3 Vigor and G3 Lite will join the LG lineup. Strong reports of LG G Vista as the Verizon exclusive version of LG G Pro 2 on the lighter side. It should be priced in the budget range of G Pro 2 with 5.9 inch display at underclocked processor and lower display resolution.LG G Vista

LG hasn’t confirmed the existence of the LG G3 Mini version but it should be soon expected as G3 is yet to make appearance in many parts of the world. While the official specs of the device isn’t know, they would be certainly running Android 4.4.4 Kitkat out of box.

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