Low RAM Launcher Download & Install on any Low-end Phone

Low RAM launcher apk

In this guide check out the low RAM launcher download and process on how to Install on any low-end mobile phone.

There are a range of mobile phones and they have come into the market because not all people have the same budget for a mobile phone. Some may have $1000 while some just can afford mobile phones only and so they prefer a low-end device.

Low-End phones are mostly priced between $20 to $100 and they are the handsets that have basic specs. Some of the devices under $50 are basic button phones.

The Android operating system has eased out the software part for all the OEMs and that’s why most phones run on Android. This Google’s open source operating system is for low-end mobiles as well. Google also announced Android Go, an optimized Android OS version meant for smartphones with low-end specs and RAM. While there are many best Android launchers available, here we go through Low RAM launcher and process on how to install it.

Low RAM Launcher

The low RAM launcher is the Android Go launcher. The Android Go supports smartphones with RAM of around 512 MB, 1 GB, and 2 GB. It can also support a 4 GB RAM mobile phone but such a device can easily operate with the original Android OS version.

This low RAM mobile launcher works on most of the Samsung, Sony, HTC, Motorola mobile phones.


  • Meant for Low-end mobiles
  • Even supports 512 MB RAM phones
  • Separate and optimized Android apps
  • Can also run normal Android apps as well

For such a Low-end mobile phone we recommend Android Go Apps which are available for download and are well optimized to consume fewer resources.

Low RAM Launcher Download:

You can download the Low RAM Launcher apk from here.

So that’s the Low RAM Launcher for Android mobile phones.

BLU G91S Mobile Phone

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