Enliven Your Life with the M98A Android Tablet – Highlights

Ouku M98A Tablet

Ouku M98A is a trendy Tablet PC that is famed for its crisp white hue. The compact design makes the core tablet panel even more fashionable. Loaded with Android 2.3 version i.e. Beta version, the thin design and wireless Wi-Fi make it even more usable than ever before.

Having 2GB RAM along with the display of 7” LCD HD touchscreen, you will not be satisfied enough to watch all the movies. You would think that this tablet will your pocket too empty! But that is not true! While you would think that this tablet would cost you exorbitant, then you must try for the Affordable mobile promo code available on the Web.

So gear up your socks to have a brief look at the highlights of M98A Android Tablet. Get started!

 Simple Interface of Android 2.3 System

When you glance over the interface of M98A, you would be able to find the lock screen mode and standby mode. It is similar to the Android devices. However, I am pretty sure that the Android device users will take some time to get familiar to the M98A. Still, you would require some extra efforts and time so that you are able to enter the M98A’s sliding interface.

When you are able to unlock the device, you would get to see the M98A desktop. The applications that are recently used and most used would appear on the desktop table. If you wish to make calls, then I would feel sincerely sorry for you. The reason is that the device still doesn’t support voice calls and video calls.

But you would be able to see the dial pad for numbers while the desktop is in standby mode. There is a provision to install the browser, maps and other navigation apps along with the storing of contacts and other commonly used applications.

 Storing of Contacts but unable to make call

If you think that because your device is not able to make calls so it is useless, then probably is useless. But that is not so!! What if not call?? It do have the provision of saving your contacts. With this device, you would be able to easily search for the beloved ones in your friends and family circle.

Want to see your contacts list? Then Click on the Menu Button and Lo! You can see the contacts and display options. Also, you can customise the account management design, along with the import and export options being made available. Additionally, there is a facility for the backup in case of data loss.

After you are done with the saving of contacts, you can provide the name of the contact and other details. Accordingly, you would be able to add more labels and phone tags as well.

 Do Support Mobile TV Function and Multi-Format Video Playback

As the most important functions of M98A includes Mobile TV as well. This facility so provided is very practical for the daily commuters as well. It not only resolves the problem of TV watching but also allows you to chat online. It also supports customised mobile TV software I.e. ROCK. So enjoy Mobile TV anytime and anywhere.

The tablet also has the functionalities like 720 Video playback. Thanks to the Rockchip RK2818! Due to this the decoding functionality is excellent as compared to the equivalent other counterparts.

 Support Network Functions and Other Software Applications

The networking feature of M98A is very powerful. So with this, you can achieve internal 3G Net access through the external module for the same. Also, the device allows you to connect to the Wi-Fi as well. With this, you are also able to install other compatible browsers as well.

The above-mentioned highlights are some of the features that I came across and thought that I should recommend for you. Use this M98A for your usage and enliven your life with this magical gadget.

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