Preventing Macbook Adapter from Overheating Problems

Macbook Adapter

Last week I purchased Macbook Air 13.3 inch and I learnt some new things about Macbook. I also faced certain problems yet I managed to come out from them. One of the most essential problems was the overheating of Macbook adapter or air charger within a time of 5 to 10 minutes. Even many of you might be thinking of Preventing Mac Adapter from Overheating Problems.

I am writing this comprehensive article to make you know how to stop your Macbook charger from getting overheating. If you have been making use of Mac then you must be aware of the fact that many times the adapter of this gadget gets over heated. Even it may burn inside and smoke might come out of it.

I suggest that in this condition all of you may do replacement of your charger if it provides you with warranty.

Some chargers are such that they may not even work at all after getting heated. This takes place due to few wall circuits have excessive noise like dropouts and voltage spikes that may trigger down the adapter’s voltage protection or segment circuit of making alerts concerning the temperature sensor. Thus in this way it may turn off the working of adapter for prevention of short circuit or combustion.

Avoiding Mac Adapter Over-heating

Whenever you see that smoke is coming out of your adapter or charger you should unplug it immediately, then you should try to use that adapter again. If any adapter generates smoke it simply means that something is burning inside and it may explode at any time. Thus it is better to take precautions since the commencement of using an adapter. You may do replacement of an adapter from the service center of Apple.

From now onwards if your Macbook charger does not work or display any response at all then it implies that the temperature sensor of the charger has got triggered due to problem of high voltage.

You should just un-plug your charger for 15 minutes and do plug it once again and it will start working once again. If you hear any kind of voice at the time of charging then it may become the cause of poor cable inside the adapter.

In case of having this problem you should contact the service in-charge of Apple and make a replacement of your adapter.

You should make it sure that an earthing cable system is at your home. If you are not having this system then you should contact an electrician to install such a system. After installation of earthing cable system at your home you can start charging your Macbook once again.

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