How to Make Free International Calls from iPhone

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Free International Calls from iPhone: If you want to reduce the telephone bill, you will explore an app that works well with the iPhone to send text messages and deliver voice calls with clarity. CFC or CallsFreeCalls is an amazing app compatible with both iPad and iPhone which serves your purpose in the best manner when it comes to voice clarity, costs and rough signal strength conditions. Yes, you can call anyone on this earth without paying a single penny and it will offer you endless chances to text for close ones and friends.

Free International Calls from iPhone

CFC is a brilliant international-calling and text app that gives you the best voice clarity even if the signal strength is weak as compared to other third-party apps.

Concept behind CFC working

It is all about the Wi-Fi technology and internet connectivity which powers the facilities offered by CFC for making or receiving calls and sending or receiving messages from international contacts. However, you will find different types of advertisements from the sponsors while the call is being connected.

Reward points – earn and use them

  1. Get ready to earn reward points for watching ads and gain more talk time for messaging and calling service after you redeem these points.
  2. You will get 30 bonuses at the start or if you are going to use CFC for the first time so that you can make international calls for free.
  3. Options for earning more reward points are easily available with CFC by downloading relevant apps, completing surveys, and through video advertisements which will acts as top-ups for talk time.
  4. You can use these reward points for making international calls to any landline or mobile phone user.
  5. The design and pattern of this app is really brilliant, user-friendly and complication-free.

You can also buy more points from the app store and invest just $1.99, $4.99 and $9.99 for 200, 500 and 1000 bonuses respectively.


  1. Free and easy to download and use.
  2. No hiccups in using CFC while making calls.
  3. Simple and effective implementation of ‘View-ads-to-earn-bonus-points’.


This app needs much improvement in the interface.

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