How to Accept/Reject Multiple Facebook Friend Requests at Once

Manage multiple facebook friends requests

In this guide check out How to Accept/Reject Multiple Facebook Friend Requests at Once.

If you are popular personality then definitely you will be receiving a lot of friend requests, doesn’t matter whether its Facebook or Twitter. If you have a lot of them pending on your Facebook account, here is the guide on how to you can Accept/Reject Multiple Facebook Friend Requests all at one click in order to save your valuable time manually confirming/rejecting them.

Manage Multiple Facebook Friend Requests

Just follow the process mentioned below –

  • This guide only works on Google Chrome browser, so you should first login to your Facebook account on Google Chrome.
  • Now on Google Chrome, click on the wrecked icon of Settings and then go to More Tools > Extensions.
  • Click on Get More Extensions.
  • Then Search with ‘Facebook Friend Requests‘ keyword. [Link to the Extension]
  • Then on the corresponding Extension click on Add to Chrome.
  • It will be now resting on the top near the wrecked icon of Setting.
  • Open your Facebook [any page will do it] and then click on Extension icon.
  • Finally on the pop-up click on ‘Accept all Friends Requests‘.
  • Now finally confirm whether all of your friend requests are done as per your requirement.

I am 100% sure that this extension works. Using this tutorial I accepted 43 friend requests all at one click. Definitely recommended if you receive a lot of friend request and you spare time doing so.

For the help of yours we have the following YouTube video, just watch it and apply –

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