Mario Sports Superstars Cards, Characters, Games Modules

The success of Pokemon Go, has interested Nintendo in coming up with mobile games. They made their plans clear at iPhone 7 launch event when they announced Super Mario Run for iPhone and Android. Now, we have news that the company is ready to launch Mario Sports Superstarts as their next game. It’s expected to be the most anticipated game of 2017 and it will top the charts both at App Store and Play Store. Check out Mario Sports Superstars release date, the Android and iPhone app. Also find different Amiibo cards, interesting characters and tips on how to play the game.
Mario Sports Superstars soccer

Mario Sports Superstars

This game will be revolving around Mario as the main character. It will other characters from Mario universe competing in various games. So play the game that you love.

Mario Sports Superstars Trailer

The baseball trailer has been release. Watch it Now

List of Mario Sports Superstars Games Module

Just like Mario Sports Mix, this new game will have five new module –


Join team Mario through single and multi-player 11 on 11 soccer game.


Love Baseball, come and play with Mario and other characters.



Horse Racing

Nintendo for the first time introduces all new Horse racing game.

How to Play

Each of the game mentioned above will be played in style of tournament. It will be a three tier system with eight participating players in real-time.

Winner Trophies

There are three trophies available for the winners –

  • Mushroom cup for the winner
  • Name Unknown for First Runner-up
  • Name Unknown for Second Runner-up

There is also a training mode too available.

While playing Mario Sports Superstars you should be familiar with the following terms –

  • Amiibo Cards: Players can power up Amiibo cards. With each upgrade, you can unlock superstar version of the character.
  • Collection : It shows your card collections.

Mario Sports Superstars Amiibo Cards List

Altogether there is a total of 90 Amiibo cards for this game. Each player receives playable characters.

The following cards are available –

  • Bowser for Soccer
  • Mario for Baseball
  • Princess Peach for Tennis
  • Luigi for Golf
  • Princess Daisy for Horse Racing

Mario Sports Superstars Characters List

  • Captain
  • Toad
  • Shy Guys
  • Paratroop
  • Pom Pom
  • Boom Boom
  • Spikes
  • Magikoopas
  • Koopa Troopas
  • Goombas
  • Mario Bros

Mario Sports Superstars for iPhone

Gaming on App Store is the most loved category. All the Mario Sports Superstars games will be available for play on iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and other iPhone, iPad and iPod models.

Mario Sports Superstars App for Android

This latest Mario Android game will be a huge hit once it hits official Play Store listing. It will be downloaded by hundreds of million people worldwide.

Mario Sports Superstars for iPad & Android Tablets

Apple iPad and Android tablets users love playing games on their big screen. Nintendo 3DS will make sure that all the iPad and Android tablet users get the best experience right on their device.

Mario Sports Superstarts Release Date

The Mario Sports Superstarts release is expected to start on March 10, 2017. Here is confirmed release by country-wise –

  • Europe Release – March 10
  • Australia – March 11
  • North America – March 24
  • Japan – March 30

I am eagerly waiting for their game launch.

Image Source: MarioWiki

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