Master Reset Android Tablet: Check the methods in which you can reset Android tablet in easy way. Include guide for master reset on Android tablets.

Resetting may be required when someone is selling their tablet or handing it over to a friend or family member. Another common reason for resetting may be due to the degrading performance of a tablet. Either way resetting an Android tablet is not as simple as many people think and requires a few tricky steps to make sure the process is complete.

Master Reset Android Tablet

The following are 2 methods to reset Android tablets. One of the methods is plausible if one is able to start the tablet without any problem and the other method is to be used when the tablet fails to boot.

Method 1 – If Tablet is Still Booting

  1. Go to settings of the tablet. This is possible by either selecting the icon in the apps menu or by the notifications and Settings menu, which should be in the bottom right.
  2. Now select Privacy. It is possible that factory reset option might be there in the settings, it depends on the tablet and which android OS it has. However if there is no such option simply go to Privacy.

reset Android tablet

  1. Now select Factory Data Reset.
  2. A warning will be given to ensure that you really want to reset the tablet. One thing to keep in mind is that the SD card if inserted during this resetting process will also be deleted, so if you don’t want to alter the data in the SD card remove it first before you confirm the factory reset.

img 2

  1. Select Reset Device. The tablet will now reset to initial factory settings once rebooted.

Method 2 – If Tablet is Not Bootable

The following method is on how to factory reset any Android tablet if it’s not bootable. Follow the guide mentioned below –

  1. Fully shut down your tablet but ensure that it’s fully charged.
  2. Now this part is tricky as it requires pressing down multiple buttons on your tablet and the combination that needs to be pressed depends on the model of the tablet. If you don’t know which buttons will open up the recovery mode then you may have to search it on the internet.
  3. Usually the combinations are the Power + Volume up + Volume Down. The combinations of all tablets mostly vary between the power, home and volume keys.  Once the proper combination is pressed and held on to, the tablet will go into recovery mode.
  4. If you see an image of an Android lying down, and its chest opened up then you have entered the Settings mode.

Resetting Android tablet

  1. Now use the Volume keys, until recover mode is highlighted.

  1. Press power to enter recovery mode.
  2. Now hold on Power button and tap volume up key. This will open up Android System Recovery menu.
  3. Using the volume keys select Wipe Data/Factory Reset. Again press Power button once highlighted to select the option.
    Master Reset phone


  1. Now confirmation will be asked. Select Yes by using the volume keys to highlight it and power key to select it.Master Reset phone


  1. Now the tablet has been Reset to Factory Settings. In case the tablet does not respond, hold on to power button until the tablet restarts.

So that complete guide on how to factory reset Android tablet in 2 minutes.