Meizu M2 – Best SlowMotion Recording Phone Under 10K

Meizu M2 Slow Motion Recording

Although priced at Rs 6999, the Meizu M2 is one of the best slowmotion recording phone under Rs 10,000 or $180 in India. Yes, that’s not just a statement as we have tried out the slow motion on many different smartphone, the ground reality is that budget smartphone actually struggles to get near perfect slow-motion recording.

Meizu M2 is definitely the best [keeping price in mind] when it comes to slow-motion recording. We have captured few sample of it on the Meizu M2 smartphone. It can only record slow motion videos in 640 x 480 pixels but a better 30 frames per second [30 fps].

The Meizu M2 smartphone is still available for purchase from Snapdeal at Rs 6999 and you also get a free 32 GB micro Sd card.

So here is the video recording sample –

This video is perfect to show the slowmotion does in traffic moment where in we have thrown a ballon[as our focus].

The second video was recorded early in the morning at 8 AM. Yeah – ‘Kabutaar ko daane dene’. Here is the second sample –


30 fps is the current industry-standard frame-rate


No slow motion in HD or full HD, only at 480 pixels

Do let us know what do you feel about Meizu M2 smartphone.

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