Meizu MX4G a 5.5 inch uHD phablet is set for launch. Check Meizu MX4G specs, features, price, news & updates.

That the Chinese smartphone maker Meizu has churned out some great Android smartphones coming with high-end specs is known. The Meizu smartphone launches have received happy responses from domestic buyers. We also hear now that the company is geared up to build one of the most ambitious devices in their inhouse technology lineup yet. The Meizu MX4G is expected to come with an impressive 5.5 inch screen giving a 2560 x 1536 pixel resolution and other great features. The phone is set to step up the standards from the previous Meizu MX3 that came with an octa-core chipset and other wonderful specs. If recent hints have any weight the company is warming up for its next launch, the MX4. Also along with Meizu MX 4G, Meizu technology is planning to launch Meizu MX 4G Mini phone as well.Meizu MX4G

Till now Meizu has officially only disclosed the screen size, display that is slightly lower than the popular Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which comes with a 5.7 incher screen. With the slated resolution the pixel density is to cross 540 PPI. We don’t know yet whether the Meizu next will also feature improved graphics as well. With the current offer of 1080p the performance on graphics front isn’t too great to flip for. A powerful display will also bring on the issue of high battery consumption so we’re guessing Meizu is working on this aspect.

The device is rumored to come out next year pushing the flagship smartphone makers to offer a similarly big-screened product. The prospect of MX4 phablet bringing on such high resolution and crisp display also drives home the need for Google to include phablet support in its Android OS. At present you either get single-paneled layout or two-paneled one so even if you’re using a phablet with Android OS the apps won’t be able to make much good use of extra screen-size. So while 1536p resolution is a mighty entry point for Mx4, we can only watch out for what best Meizu will offer along with it.