Download 8 Ball Pool multiplayer game by Miniclip for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone. Also find alternative APK, IPA file download links.

The king of free online fun games, puzzle games and multi-player games has taken a step forward into development as Miniclip has made available 8 Ball Pool the famous multiplayer game available for download officially via Google Play Store for Android and at App Store by Apple. The fact that this is available for free download is a big plus.MiniClip 8 Ball Pool Android

8 Ball Pool Multiplayer Game

8 Ball Pool is the world’s #1 pool game and using this game you can play with your friends, legends directly from your mobile phone itself. So with this app arrival, you would no longer need to pay for the paid game like Pool Break Pro, Virtual Pool Mobile and Touch Pool 2D as big thing is here.
MiniClip 8 Ball Pool

So whether you have iPad or iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or any other Apple powered product then this game is certainly available for download and it’s also available on any of the Android powered smartphones regardless whether you are on Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean, Android Kitkat or even on Android Lollipop. With each game that you play you earn pool coins and with those coins you can buy new cues and powers in the Pool Shop.Miniclip 8 Ball Pool

The 8 Ball Pool is based on the level and ranking system and by this you can understand how strong or weak is your opponent. With each match that you play you can increase the level and get access to match locations. Interestingly you can add up to 10 friends that you can add and play game against them anytime when both of you are online.

MiniClip 8 Ball Pool Games

8 Ball pool multiplayer has following features –

  • Play with friends and other players one to one
  • Level ranking determines the ranking systems
  • Earn Pool coins by winning the matches
  • With Pool Coins you can buy new cues and powers in Pool Shop
  • You can challenge your friends about your skill on 8 ball pool game
  • Easily signup with Facebook or Miniclip account

Within no time this app has more than 15,000 downloads quite better than other apps and next to Pool Master Pro app. The APK of it will be soon available for download here.

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Few 8 Ball Pool Miniclip tips & tricks –

  • Pool Bonus: You get hourly bonus of 25 pool point and this are given hourly to all users. To collect 25 coins, you need to click on the left top corner.
  • 8 Ball Pool Shop: With points that you earn by playing games, pool bonus, you can shop for powers, cues and also you can buy points as well.

Here are the few screenshots of Miniclip 8 Ball Pool Android game –

Download 8 Ball Pool for Android Phones
Download 8 Ball Pool for Apple Devices

For some looking for APK in cases when they can’t download game from Google Play, they can download 8 Ball Pool APK.

Android App Rating – 4.5/5