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After our Google Analytics suggested that we get 70% traffic from mobile devices, from past couple of months we were trying to get our website app on Play Store and App Store so that people can stick to our website on mobile devices as well. After lot of initial researches experts suggested me to go with Android/iOS Developer to get an app published but one or the other reasons I wasn’t able to justify my call on hiring a developer. Finally I am happy to see available as official Android as well as iOS App. It’s because of Mobiloud a service which can get your website an app, both for iOS and Android.

Mobile App
Stack of Popular Apps on Mobile

Smartphone users are increasing every day and more people are switching to apps on mobile devices rather than using a browser. Since blog like us are dealing with Apple and Android smartphone, we got to be there on the latest technology. A website without the app is 50% job done, I have understood what it takes and what will be the future, it’s time for you to decide.

The mobile app definitely provides better user experiences for users. Using the app, you can easily navigate through pages, content loads quicker, user interface is quite easy to navigate and most importantly you are avoiding the risk of malware. Some of the most popular sites like BBC News, Engadget, News Hunt and Reddit all have native mobile app.

I was able to get TechnosAmigos Android App and iOS App under approval using Mobiloud service. Here is my Mobiloud review on how to get started, why they should be preferred.

Mobiloud Review: Design | Demo | Pros & Cons | Conclusion

Getting Started

Getting the Android/iOS App with Mobiloud is as easy as make a cup of coffee. Seriously, I have never seen any such service which offers mobile app so easy. As put in the world of the company, Mobiloud WordPress plugin is an engine of the app i.e., the plugin itself is the heart of the app [You have every control over here]. And that’s definitely a good thing because you will not have to worry of anything from the native app side.

Follow the process mentioned below to get it done –

  • First download Mobiloud WordPress plugin by going through WP-Dashboard > Plugins > Add New and then type ‘mobiloud‘.
  • Click on Install Now and then Activate Plugin.

Design & Configuration

  • Once the app is installed, open it.
  • Click on Design.
  • You will have the following options –
    • Design : This is your space to add your custom logo, navigation bar color, home screen settings, Article list type and date display options. Take your own time doing this, although you can change the settings whenever you want once your app is published.

      Click the Image to Enlarge it

    • Menu Configuration : Since you a website, you should be pretty aware of what menu items that you want to show up on the app. Good thing is that you can add your WordPress blog categories, Custom Taxonomies, tags, pages or even any custom Links. I added few categories and a tab to show videos from my YouTube Channel.
    • Advanced Settings : You should care Advanced settings once you get your native app official on Play Store and App Store. This panel includes advertising options, Google Analytics, how you want to show content and other minor settings.
  • When you are done with, you are now ready to take a dive into how your app will look alike.

It’s time to move on to next stage of app development. It’s testing out your app.

Testing the App

  • First download Mobiloud app from the App Store or the Android app from Google Play on your device.
  • Open the Mobiloud app and shake your device.
  • A screen with Preview Your App will appear and you just need to enter your site URL.
  • Check your website design and layout, if any correction do it on the Mobiloud WordPress plugin.

Publishing the App

If you are pretty sure that you want to have a go, it’s time to get your app published on Play Store and App Store for approval. If you are unsure, just select the ‘Starter‘ plan costing $69 a month. Various other plans of Mobiloud are –

With any plans, Mobiloud helps you to get your app published on both the App store.

Note : Mobiloud offers 30 days money back guarantee if you are not happy with the way things are going.

TechnosAmigos App Screenshot

Demo : To get real-time demo, I would suggest download our App [iOS/Android platform] and just checkout or else you can go with company’s demo.

The Biggest Pros

1. Auto App vs Freelance Developers : Only permanent thing in the life is change. So if you have hired a developer to get your native app, possibilities are that you might need modifications in your apps one or the other time. And you need to hire for any future upgrades or some corrections. Also, you need to find the right developer suitable for the job as you expect but with Mobiloud you have things under your control. You have full control on whenever/however you want to modify your Android App.

2. Up to Date with Developers Guidelines: Secondly, the Mobiloud itself gets updated to any changes done by Google/Apple Developer policies and guidelines and blends your website app accordingly.

3. Time : And last but not least, time is the most crucial factor. As a content writer, I and just worried of pushing content to my blog. 70% of the work is completed through the Mobiloud App itself and remaining are done by Mobiloud support. I would say I have saved much time searching for a developer, going through his portfolio, making him understand and finally drilling down what’s missing or features to add.

4. Money Back Guarantee : Mobiloud offers 30 days money back guarantee.


Price is what I feel higher but having less knowledge in the mobile app industry, I may be misjudging it. Finally, if the mobile app is your need, then the price isn’t a big deal.

Conclusion & My Opinion

It has been just over 10-15 days since Android App went live but really speaking I didn’t do much promotion. I recommend app to a friend just for them to have a look. I suggest you download the app from the link below, have a look and give your honest review about the app.

Download TechnosAmigos App for Android

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Yogesh Khetani: Yogesh Khetani is the Editor-in-Chief of TechnosAmigos. He has rich experience in Embedded Systems, Printer technology and web technology. He is also expert at WordPress CMS and also an affiliate marketer. He also contributes to Now I am Updated website and BLU Cell Phones 2020.