Motorola Mobility announced Moto E smartphone on May 13 and it’s not just a smartphone to match the present era but truly a revolution. It happens to be the cheapest Motorola Android phone till date and soon it will be the most selling budget smartphone.Motorola Moto E

We have gone through several tutorial, tips and tricks for Moto E phone and here is yet another part review as we go through Motorola gaming hands-on by playing several games like Subway Surfers, Temple Run 2, Candy Crush Saga, Hill Climb Racing, Dr. Driver, Real Cricket, Fruit Ninja and other popular games.

Subway Surfers on Moto E

We played Subway Surfers Vancouver on Moto E phone and the game resulted in no lag or struck during the playback thanks to 1 GB RAM and dual core processor. Here is the video playback of Subway Surfer on Moto E phone –

Temple Run on Moto E

We also played Temple Run 2 game on Motorola Moto E phone and found that it’s not lagging at all. Smooth and easy gaming playback if you don’t have many apps opened. Here it is –

The game playback of other popular Android games is coming up soon. Stay tuned!

So that’s enough I think to judge that you can play your favorite mid-sized gamed on Moto E phone.