Are you looking to buy the 2nd generation Motorola Moto X at the budget deal? Here comes one such wherein you get the device for just $49.99. For both Individual Plan and Family Plan you get the device at just $49.99 the resin back but you need to signup contract agreement with Verizon Wireless, The Big Red.Motorola Moto X Verizon

The White Bamboo Moto X is available for $79.99 on Verizon and $69.99 for AT&T if you buy the device from Amazon. Check out the respective links of Motorola Moto X 2014 edition as available on -

Amazon Links (Verizon):  Moto X, Black Resin ($49.99) | Moto X, White Bamboo ($79.99)

Amazon Links (AT&T):  Moto X, AT&T, Black Resin ($49.99) | Moto X, Leather ($69.99) | Moto X, White Bamboo ($69.99).

These phones purchased from Amazon normally ships within 4 to 7 weeks by