A New Motorola RAZR Flip Phone Coming at Lenovo Tech Event

At Lenovo Tech Event Motorola plans to launch successor to RAZR V3 aka a new RAZR flip phone.

Motorola Flip Phone

Now Motorola might not be selling more than 100 million of smartphones for a model but back in 2004, they got in the list of best smartphones with over 100 million sales with the launch of RAZR V3. This wonderful & slim flip phone might be getting a successor as Lenovo owned Motorola has just teased a video highlighting Motorola Razr V3 smartphone of 2004.

Watch this video, wherein Motorola gives us hint that a new Moto flip phone is coming from their side –

At the end of the video the date mentioned as 9 June 2016 which is the date when Lenovo has scheduled Tech World event.

Surely something is in Motorola’s mind. I would once again love to have flip phones.

Recently LG gave a try to flip phones with the launch of LG Wine Smart smartphone and Samsung did it with powerful W2016. Motorola is in line for the same. Will be it the trend with other OEMs around?

At Lenovo Tech World event, the company will launch new smartphones both for global and United States market. There will be special attention to Chinese customers because it’s the Lenovo’s homeland where-in they don’t want to lose any customers. And with the Motorola’s acquisition, they have USA market in frame.

Source: Motorola

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