5 Myths about Affiliate Marketing that you need to Debunk

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is not an alien word these days. In fact, it is one of the most raving things. Though a good number of marketers are reaping the benefits of an Affiliate program, a lot either are unaware of its utility or have a wrong conception about it. All thanks to half or inappropriate knowledge!

Owing to the same reasons, there are a lot of myths exists in the real-time world. If you wish to make most of your marketing efforts then all these myths need to be debunked at first. Here, we are going to do the same.

Myth #1 – Affiliate Marketing is not for everyone

Well, this is one of the most common myths about the affiliate program and it the main cause behind the hinder utility. A lot of marketers think that affiliate marketing is useful only in some cases such as high-end IT products or established brands. However, the truth is totally the opposite.

When done strategically and diligently, affiliate marketing has all the power to weave success for every product.

Myth #2 – You will get success in affiliate marketing only if you market your product on as many as websites possible

Did you think in the same manner? Well, don’t worry. You are not alone in this as many affiliate marketers think the same. Driven by the same notion, affiliate marketers market their products on numerous sites that are even not relevant to the marketing product. This is when your marketing efforts start falling off.

The key to success in affiliate programs is to prefer quality over quantity. Though there is a pool of websites available to market the product, you are going to crack success only if you choose the right place. For example, if you are marketing online phone number then you need to choose deliverable websites like related to the communication process. Instead of marketing your product on every website, it is important to find the right place.

Myth # 3 – Affiliate marketing is a cake walk

Do you think the same? If the answer is “Yes” then we would like to correct you as reality is far-flung. It may be easy for those who have mastered the art; beginners have to struggle a lot to take a hold over it.  Even for experts, it demands tons of efforts. It is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of diligence.

The idea of getting paid to promote might seems lucrative upon hearing, it ask for right niche selection and promotion platform. If you manage to do this then you can say that affiliate marketing is easy. Else it is highly grueling.

Myth # 4 – High Traffic means High Revenue

Well, a lot of affiliate marketer crew are blindfolded with the same myth and keep their prime focus on generating more and more traffic regardless of knowing the utility of that traffic. While you are doing affiliate marketing, always keep this thing in mind that high traffic doesn’t mean high revenue. Your traffic would be considered fruitful only if it is relevant.

For example, there is no point of getting traffic of users that are interested in buying electronics for your virtual phone number affiliate marketing program. They will hardly pay any attention.

Relevancy of the traffic is what matters the most when you seek to generate revenue out of traffic. Your aim should not be on fetching abundant traffic. It should always be on getting relevant traffic.

Myth # 5 – All affiliate Marketing Programs are Beneficial

This is certainly not true.  Seeing the viability of affiliate programs in the real world, almost every single service provider has started offering this facility. However, not every affiliate program has such potential to pay you as per your efforts.

There are lots of marketing programs that pay you as low as 5-10% commission for a single purchase. As we have already told you that affiliate marketing is a tough nut to crack, it definitely doesn’t demand such peanut amount.

You need to be extra conscious while you are choosing an affiliate program. Only the leading ones like CallHippo affiliate program has the capabilities to pay you as per your effort. CallHippo is a leading virtual phone number service provider that offers online phone numbers of more than 190 countries.  It renders its services in vanity phone numbers, toll-free numbers and call center software as well.

With such assorted options, there is a lot to do here. In addition, you will get 25% of commission for every single purchase after joining hands with CallHippo. Isn’t great? Yes, it is. So, to taste the fruit of success, it is very important to start working with the right company.

The affiliate program is a great way to earn extra money provided if you do it rightly. The selection of the right platform and right niche are two major components to see success in this. So, take these on board and start earning more.

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