The New Nexus 10 with Organic EL to be Announced in January 2014 maybe at CES 2014. Check reports & rumors here.

After the debut of New Nexus 7 tablet this year, reports confirms that New Nexus 10 tablet will be launched in early January 2014 as reported by SamMobile. Originally Samsung as the maker of Nexus 10, is gearing up for another Nexus 10 tablet to be revealed at CES 2014 as reported. The action from CES 2014 will kick off from January 7 and we are barely two weeks away from the day.Nexus 10 tablet

Apparently this Nexus 10 devices will be different from Samsung’s newly launched Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition and Galaxy Tab 10.1 2014. New Nexus 10 was rumored to be manufactured either by LG or Asus given the way Nexus 7 by Asus and LG GPad 8.3 GP edition have performed. But this report from SamMobile contradicts both, maybe Google in mind to either stick with South Korean giant for Nexus 10 only.

Samsung will step in to tablet PC segment with much hyped Super AMOLED display after a long break. Given that people have liked the AMOLED display, people will like it on Nexus device. Bringing the price with Super AMOLED display will be a challenge to Google.