Any rumours related to Samsung devices are now been covered by techies. Yes, techies wants more before it’s been covered by others bloggers. We at Technos Amigos always keep updated with information available and latest information release available to us regarding the Korean giant is about new Galaxy phone registration for trademarks and Patents in United States.New Galaxy Phone Lineup

Samsung has filed US Patent for four phones which include Galaxy S Mate, Galaxy S Act, Galaxy S Rev and Galaxy S Impact. These have been filed under personal computer, music players and smartphones but we are pretty much sure that these are the variants of Galaxy S smartphone which was introduced to the world in 2010. Already we have Galaxy S Plus, Galaxy S Advance as the variant of first generation Galaxy flagship phone.

These are just the filing for Patents and Trademarks as such there is no details about these smartphone are available to us. It’s pretty much sure that it will be powered with Android mobile operating system by Google as that has been the success mantra for the Korean giant to come out big.