Google Nexus 7 2012, as you might know that it will not receive update for Android 6.0 Marshmallow as there is a no news about updating the device to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.Nexus 7 tab

But the Google Nexus 7 2012 users who want to experience the new version of Android, but unfortunately it is not possible to do so from google point of view. Do not worry the users can still have Android 6.0 Marshmallow on their Nexus 7 2012 by installing a third-party Custom ROM developed by Android developer dmitrygr.

This ROM is in the starting stage of development but you can still flash it on your device for temporary and it will be made perfect in the next stages of build.

Preparing your phone:

  • This information is for Nexus 7 2012 WiFi and 3G variants.
  • Device battery should be fully charged.
  • USB drivers for device should be installed on the computer.
  • Download the ADB and Fastboot drivers for the device.
  • Back up all the important data to an external media.

Install TWRP recovery on Nexus 7 2012:

  1. Download the TWRP recovery tool for Nexus 7 2012 WiFi and Nexus 7 2012 3G from here.
  2. Now connect your device to PC.
  3. Now open ADB & Fastboot folder and click on py_cmd.exe file in order to open the command prompt.
  4. Enter the following commands in command prompt:
    adb devices
    adb reboot-bootloader
    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    fastboot reboot

Procedure to install AOSP Android 6.0 Marshmallow on Nexus 7 2012:

  1. Download the custom ROM for Nexus 7 2012 WiFi and Nexus 7 2012 3G from here.
  2. Download the Gapps for Nexus 7 2012 from here.
  3. Transfer the downloaded files to phones internal storage.
  4. Now reboot the device into Recovery mode by pressing and holding Volume Down + Power key for few seconds.
  5. Perform a full data wipe by choosing Wipe option from the available options in the recovery menu.
  6. Return to main menu and select Install option.
  7. Navigate to file downloaded earlier select it and flash it.
  8. In the same way flash Gapps file.
  9. Now return to main menu and choose Reboot option.twrp

The device will now restart with Android 6.0 Marshmallow installed on it. You can check the version in Settings>About device option in the settings.