Nokia smartwatch caught on the web with spy photos. Timeline the new Nokia Smartwatch back fence talks & rumors here.

It’s certain that smartwatches will be the device of 2014. With early in-roads in 2013, we have seen much wearable display launched this quarter, the long list includes Samsung Galaxy Gear, Nissan Nismo, Sony smartwatch 2, Omate TrueSmart & Qualcomm Toq watch. Nokia Smartwatch spy photos

Nokia will be the next brand to come up with wearable display as the spy photos of Nokia Smartwatch is hit by back fence talks on the web.

Reports from Ctechcn site confirms that Nokia is working to bring up a smartwatch and launch could happen this quarter itself or if not delayed for Q4, but it’s certain to come up this year itself.Nokia Smartwatch leak

Possibly this is the step to counter attack Samsung’s & Sony’s wearable display. Also everyone knows that Apple is rumored to come up with one such device this year itself and this will make all major smartphone brands to compete this year itself – well before the big war begins in 2014.

Nokia is now sold to Microsoft and this leaves us a question – what will the Nokia smartwatch connects to? And big question, how much this would be priced as we found $299 to be high price of Galaxy Gear?

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