Oberlo’s Drop Shipping Service Now Available In India; Here’s Our Review

With drop shipping getting a lot of attention lately, Oberlo.in particularly in India will give you wings to focus more on selling the products rather worrying to hold the inventory and other related issues. No, we are not saying drop shipping doesn’t have any flaws but doing it just right with exact transparency would let you be your own boss and build a fortune.

Oberlo Review

So basically the first question which will leave you scratch your head would probably the exact meaning of drop shipping. Basically, Drop Shipping means buying a product from the manufacturer and selling it directly to the end user. You make an online store of your own using Oberlo.in extract the products from various stores available which include Ali Express, Amazon Best Sellers, Ebay Daily Deals and various others. Add up your profit and start selling right away.

Oberlo review

Oberlo basically allows you to easily import drop shipped products into your eCommerce store and ship them directly to your customers in only a few clicks.

There are a lot of advantages of dropping which include the low cost to startup, purchase products only after you get orders, shipping is managed by the seller, you can do this from the convenience of your home, minimum or no risk factor and wide varieties of products are at your disposal.

Now Oberlo is such a website that will provide you with an online marketplace that almost requires no coding and everything is set within a few clicks of your mouse.

Benefits of Oberlo

  1. Import Products for drop shipping business – With Oberlo you can easily import products from various marketplaces directly to your place & start drop shipping your products right away.
  2. Orders are automatically processed – Once you get the order from the end user just confirm the order with other shipping details, rest is taken care by Oberlo.
  3. Auto Update of prices & inventory – Oberlo keeps a track of all the products listed on your portal and keeps the entire online inventory up to date with the current pricing and inventory availability status.
  4. Easy Customization – At your end, you can customize the title of the products, their image, description and almost anything which you find relevant as per the product. The customization portal is very easy and even a kid can play around with the same.
  5. Shipment Tracking – Your drop shipped orders while in transit can be easily tracked using your portal. Updates are instant and up to date.
  6. Multiple User Accounts – Oberlo gives you the power to assign other users in order to manage your orders and process things on your behalf.
  7. Sales and Earnings Records – With the most convenient dashboard you can easily keep a track of your sales and earnings.
  8. Switch Sellers – Oberlo does give you the right to switch your existing supplier with a more uniform and good seller offering a better deal for your current line of products being drop shipped.

Oberlo though is free for life on a starter plan, migrating to a paid plan would ease out your experience with Oberlo. Oberlo as of now offers a starter plan which is free but limited to 500 products & 50 orders for a given period of the month. A basic plan costing $ 29.90 per month which restricts products to 10000 and orders up to 500 in a month. A Pro plan is also available for $ 79.90 per month which gives you 30000 products and unlimited orders per month. No doubt these plans only restricts the products and order quantity but would give all the benefits mentioned above and even more included inside any plan chosen.

If you by any chance go beyond your limit with each plan you will still get orders but the automation taken care of by Oberlo has to be taken over by you and manually ship the products to the end-user. With Oberlo the end-user will never come to know from where are you sourcing the products hence secrecy is purely maintained.


Oberlo though takes a little time to understand but once you are through with that it becomes very easy. This app is very easy to use and offers a wide range of tools to make our shop self-sustaining. The best feature here is the ability to try dropshipping free of cost or for very minute fees to start with. Also a wide range of tools and customizations are available that lets you easily do whatever you like in just a span of seconds. Because of all the automation, all you have to do is to focus on marketing and generate sales.

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