Best Online Cloud Storage App for Firefox Phones/Tablets

Checkout the best Online Cloud Storage App for Firefox Phones and tablets.

Accessing all your photos, videos and other stuff stored on-cloud from your Firefox OS phone/ tablet is now possible on a single interface. Bundling most cloud services together and delivering them to you centrally is Jolidrive- an online Cloud storage app that is the latest member of Jolicloud clan. It lets you access files, photos, videos, music files, documents, slides, reports, social content and other types of on-cloud data. Jolidrive Firefox

How It Works

Jolidrive runs everything from cloud itself. It accesses all of user’s online data saved on cloud service accounts right from his Firefox OS phone. On the front it provides one interface that works for these accounts. You can download this app for free on Firefox Marketplace.

What It Covers

With Jolidrive you can listen to music by accessing Exfm, SoundCloud or music files stored in Box or Dropbox. It allows you to browse photos stored in online accounts like Flickr, Picasa or Facebook. You can directly open documents stored on Google Drive or SkyDrive and edit them. Watching videos on YouTube, Dailymotion etc, surfing through social content on Google+, Facebook etc, and reading saved files now comes together all-on-one.

Jolidrive also lets you build cloud-in image by combining multiple free-storage services like MediaFire, Ubuntu-One and choose just one of them to host very important content. The range of on-cloud apps where you keep data and can now access on your FFOS phone through Jolidrive is enormous. On the flip side, some of the services remain locked until you promote the app on social-media platforms. But looking to its benefits, that isn’t a big deal, really!

Download JoliCloud Firefox App

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