Oppo A11w was spotted passing through mandatory Indonesia FCC approval on Postel. Is it Oppo’s Bezel-less Phone?

Ever since we put up Oppo R7 article as an upcoming smartphone, there are plenty of rumors regarding the bezel-less handset. A new smartphone by name Oppo A11w recently got certified by Postel, the Indonesia FCC and this could well be the smartphone that all people are talking about.Oppo A11W

Regarding Oppo bezel-less phone, we just have only seen display of it in leak pictures. Not even specifications or the model number of it confirmed. In such scenario, any smartphone passing through certifications process or regulatory authority in any country can be assumed as Oppo’s next bezel-less phone but that however might not be true. Who knows that the device turns to be another phone altogether?Oppo R7 Leak photo

Stay tuned for more information about Oppo Bezel-less phone as it happens.

Via : Postel