This app works with Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel smart watch. It began as a blockbuster project which exceeded all expectations. It gives a bunch of new features including a color display, improved scrolling speed while navigating the Pebble window, increased accuracy of location based weather reporting and bug fixes and Stability improvements. The colorful e-paper display of the Pebble Time is easily the most eye catching feature although it has many more like this.

Pebble Time APKPebble Time, the official app manages incoming calls, emails, messages, notifications and much more. You can create a Pebble account and access its functions like quick watchface management, Pebble info cards, Pebble layout Pebble Time and watchapps, replying to notifications with quick voice Responses, controlling music playback, loading and browsing. To download the Pebble app search the Google play store. Please make sure you have the latest version. Enable the Bluetooth on your phone, if you forget to do this step before launching the app, it will prompt you to enable your Bluetooth.Pebble Time APK

However, to help find and establish a connection with your Pebble quicker, it’s best to have it enabled before launching your Pebble app. In My Pebble, the watchface with the green checkmark is the one currently active on your watch. Quickly change the active watchface by tapping the empty circle of another watchface in the menu. Once successfully paired, the app will walk you through some basic set up:

Checking for and downloading updated firmware (mandatory) and then enable Notifications access to grant pebble time access to your phone’s notifications services. Enjoy it all –supports both new Pebble Time watchapps and all items currently available in the Pebble Appstore.

Download Pebble Time for Android