Polar is a known brand when it comes to fitness monitoring. Expanding their reach to new technology, the company announces Polar Smartband by name as Polar A300 Lifestyle at Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015) held at Las Vegas, United States.Polar SmartWatch

CES 2015 is all about wearables and fitness trackers, Polar A300 announcement definitely will impound other manufacturers to come up with something close to that. This fitness band can monitor your daily activity of running, walking and hardcore workouts.

Polar also launched H7 Heart Rate Sensor which can monitor your heart rate from time to time. It's available in six different color range and this silicon wristband can be swapped in or out with alternatives colors.

Polar A300 will be available in North America and Finland from the second week of February. The Europe wide price of this device is €119.90. The Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor will be retailing at €159.90.

Via: MobileSyrup