Create Powerful Facebook Video Ads with InVideo to Increase Engagement

Facebook video ads

Videos are one of the most powerful sources of engagement, both for the viewers and brands. They have this potential to instantly establish a connection with someone as compared to any other sources of media. Be it images, GIFs, texts or anything else, videos can instantly catch a user’s attention and narrate a story many times better than anyone else. They are people’s favorite and keep them entertained. Moreover, with the prominence of social media in today’s world, videos have found a new home on the platform. No matter which platform you look, your feed will be filled with videos from multiple brands trying to win your attention.

Videos are also a marketer’s favorite. Since customers are so drawn towards it, marketers find an extraordinary opportunity to capitalize on it and reach out to them. It’s amazing to realize that our customers are out there expecting videos from your brand, whether you decide to make them or not.

If you don’t you’re losing out on a lot of opportunities without even realizing it. As intriguing as the idea of jumping into video marketing sounds, it is equally challenging to create amazing videos for your audience. Since every other brand is doing it, you need to distinguish yourself with exceptional storytelling to create a lasting impact.

And if you want some amazing engagement for your videos, make sure that you use a professional video maker like InVideo for the best results. InVideo’s video maker lets you create simply amazing videos for your Facebook ads that your audience will instantly fall in love with. They will not just want to click on your videos but also make purchases and remember your brand in the long run.

As you start to make a video, here are somethings that you must keep in mind –

Don’t focus on the video’s sound

When you create video ads for Facebook, don’t keep sound a constant. By default, not many people will have their sounds on when they scroll down their Facebook feeds. Therefore, if you focus only on telling your story via sounds, you will miss out on a lot of users who don’t have their sounds turned on.

Instead what you can do add captions to your videos and make them bright cloured so that it instantly catches a user’s attention in the first few seconds. Statistics suggest that captioned video ads increase video time by an average of 12 percent.

Enable Autoplay

Most marketers have the habit of shying away from autoplay, but let me tell you that Facebook is not the place to do so. Go out and ahead and enable autoplay on your video. Since users will be scrolling down their feeds all along, autoplay will help your video get started and catch the user’s attention, even if they are done for a stroll.

If you’ve been using Facebook, you’d know that most videos there are on autoplay for a reason. They make you stop because of the amazing use of sounds or an impressive narration that happens int the first three seconds of the video.

Create short and Crips Videos

The shorter your Facebook video is, the better the probability it has to be seen by more people. Statistics suggest that people watch 80 percent of the videos that are less than 30 seconds long. And the longer the video, the fewer people tend to watch it. Therefore keep your ads short and sweet and reach the point much faster.

Advertise Less Popular videos

There’s no point highlighting videos that have done organically well on your Facebook page. Instead, make sure that people see those videos that are struggling to reach organic traction but are made exceptionally well. With plenty of organic competition on the platform, not all videos will perform well.

Make sure you pay attention to those of your videos that are underperforming and make them come to notice by advertising them. You can make a video more successful by using InVideo as your professional ad making tool.

Learn from your video stats

Once you have created a successful video, don’t forget to go back and check on its metrics. Set your intentions clear with what you want to achieve with your video. Whether it is that you want to make sales or ask the users to sign up on your platform or simply get your brand’s name out there, make sure that you add a CTA in your video for this.

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Once your intentions are clear chart down the relevant metrics for your business and keep a close eye on how well they are performing. Use InVideo’s professional editor to make changes in your video and watch the engagement soar.

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