7 Practical Ways to Improve DA PA of Your Website

Improve SEO DA and PA

Domain authority and Page authority are the parameters to measure the rank of a domain. Search engines optimize the domains according to the search patterns of the users. Search engines like Google and Bing work day and night to improve their algorithms. These algorithms analyze and track record of the search patterns. This analysis enables the search engines to show the closest results to the searches. Any non-paid attempts to improve the rank of a website in search results is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Seo plays a very crucial role in determining the rank of a website in search results.

Why do you need to Measure Domain Authority and Page Authority?

As I told you earlier that Seo improves the visibility of a website in the search engines. When Seo started in the 90s everyone adopted the Seo practices for better placement of their websites. With the passage of time, Seo evolved and a new metric system came into existence in the computer world. This metric system has two values which help us to determine the benefits of our Seo practices. DA and PA are the abbreviations of the Domain Authority and Page Authority.

DA and PA give a direction to Seo efforts of a website. Calculation system of Moz determines the probability of a website to show in SERPs. SERP is an abbreviation for search engine result pages. Page Authority deals with the ranking probability of a single page of a domain in SERPs. Both of these Seo parameters are measured on a scale with a count of 1-100. The higher DA denotes the greater ranking score in search engine result pages.

There are some websites which possess the DA score of 100 which shows absolute Seo status of the website. www.google.com is a prime example of perfect DA score. You can also put some extra efforts to optimize the singular pages of your domains. The high PA score of your pages will add a good amount of value to the ranking of your website.

7 Practical Ways to DA and PA of your Website

If you are geared up to work hard and improve the DA of your website. This post may help you to achieve your goals. Getting a High DA score is not an easy nut to crack. Some SEO experts claim they took years to get a high DA score for their websites. Moz which is a pioneer in SEO services considers 40 different factors to calculate DA score of a website.

Some SEO experts say that Google Search engine considers more 200 factors to rank a domain in SERPs. But let us put all the tech gossip aside and let me tell you 7 practical ways to improve the DA and PA of your website.

1.   Technical Seo of the website

During the optimization process, search engines check some technical aspects of the domains. A domain which matches the technical standards gets a higher position in SERPs. You can follow these steps in the initial stage of website building. These steps improve the technical aspects of a website.

  • Install an SSL Certificate on your website for secure access to webpages.
  • People these days prefer to use mobiles instead of the desktops. Your website must have a mobile-friendly user interface. You can enable AMP HTML code to increase the access speed at cellphones.
  • The loading speed of a site also plays a huge role in search engine optimization. Keep the code structure of your website intact to increase the loading speed of the website.
  • Search engine bots prefer to crawl through an easy access structure of a website. Devise an XML sitemap of your website. This map will help the search engine bots to crawl through the whole website.
  • Registration for the services offered by the search engines is always a good bet. You must register your domain with Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console.

2. Work on improvement of Page Authority

A website contains divisions which have content related to the niche of the website. These divisions are called pages. Page authority is a scale which calculates the individual strength of the domain pages. If you are serious about increasing the PA and DA of your website, work harder on the page authority of every single page. Search engines optimize the individual pages of a domain as well. You can do these things to improve the page authority of your website.

  • You should optimize the title and descriptions of the pages of your domain. The Title is an HTML code which defines the main heading of the webpages. All the images and content in the webpages can also be optimized to increase Page Authority.
  • Internal linking structure of a website is also very critical for page authority. A good website maintains easy to access internal linking structure.

3. Improve Link Profile

A link profile is the collection of all the outbound links which direct a user to your profile. To improve the DA of your site you cannot ignore the importance of the link profile. All the attempts which are meant to improve the link profile are known as Off-Page SEO. You can take the following measures to improve your link profile.

  • Remove all the bad links from your domain. If you had ever bought bulk links from any shady resource remove these spammy backlinks.
  • This one is a tough and slow process. You have to build your organic link profile. An organic link profile takes years to build. Your consistent efforts in publishing high-quality content will earn you from other websites. This acknowledgment of work will generate natural backlinks.

To build a stronger link profile, you can collaborate with other sites and bloggers to gain backlinks.

4. Use Social Media for your website

Social media is playing an active role in our lives these days. Most people spend hours using social media services. The basic aim of using social media is to increase traffic to the website. Websites with high Domain Authority also use social media platforms to increase the visibility of their domains.

  • Add social media platforms to your website. This will enable your audience to share your content on social media sites.
  • Make an official profile or account of your website on the platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

5. Quality and Publishing Frequency of Your Website

The niche or topic of the website is selected in the early stages of domain building. You cannot deny the importance of fresh and creative content. With the passage of time, you can build your site as an authority in your field. This goodwill will increase the following of your website. Besides the quality of content, the frequency of publishing the content also plays a critical role in SEO.

Active sites naturally gain a higher place in the Search Engine Result Pages. If you choose to publish high-quality content less frequently, search engines will also choose to ignore you in SERPs.

6. Mobile Friendly User Interface

People own more cellphones and tablets than Personal Computers these days. It is understandable that you cannot carry your PC everywhere. But you can take your mobile everywhere easily. A website will lose a huge chunk of traffic if it does not contain a mobile-friendly interface.

Mobile-friendliness is one of the factors which create a direct impact on the SEO of the website. You can also use the Mobile-Friendly Test to check your website’s user interface. Google offers this test to improve the quality of published websites.

7. Patience is the key to Success

PA of a website builds faster than the DA of a website. These are the 7 practical ways to increase the DA and PA of a website. But these methods are not the quickest methods to spice up the statistics of your website. Especially backlinks from trustworthy resources do not generate overnight.

My Final Word

DA and PA of your website show the strength of your website. You can use one of my reliable DA checkers at Prespostseo. DA checker at Prespostseo has a very simple format. You can copy, paste or type the URL of your domain in the DA checker. It shows you accurate results in the form of a table.

You can see a downloadable form of the report is also available. It shows you the DA, PA, Moz rank and spam score of a website in a single table. DA checker at Prepostseo is an amazing tool to keep a track record of your competitors. You can check the DA and PA of up to 500 domains in a single click.

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