Beetel Mobile Phones & Tablets PCs Price List

Beetel Mobile started with fixed line telephone and also recently they have come up with Mobile phones and tablets. All the phone manufactured by Beetel are basic and featured phones, none of them is Android.Beetel logo

Beetel Mobile

The Following are the mobiles phones launched by the Beetel-


Price in INR

Beetel GD4702,850Available
Beetel GD2181,249Available
Beetel GD2001,149Available
Beetel GD4121,699Available
Beetel GD5052,500Available
Beetel GD5303,650Available
Beetel GD3101,299Available
Beetel GD4403,269Available
Beetel GD6604,200Available
Beetel GD5553,000Available
Beetel GD3031,399Available
Beetel GD4201,999Available
Beetel GD4052,150Available
Beetel GD4102,100Available
Beetel GD3051,500Available
Beetel GT4153,000Available
Beetel TD5905,800Available
Beetel GD7772,999Available
Beetel GD520N/AN/A
Beetel GD5701,999Available
Beetel GD4042,499Available

Beetel Tablets PCs Price List

The following are the Tablets PCs launched by the beetel-

ModelPrice in INRAvailability
Beetel Magiq Glide10,000Available
Beetel Magiq II9,500Buy Now
Beetel Magiq9,000Available


Note: We are sorry, this is an outdated phone list.