HTC Mobiles Phones & Tablets PCs Price List

HTC Corporation, the Taiwanese smartphone giant has launched many smartphone and tablet PCs. Here in this article we go through the HTC Mobiles phones price list and tablet PCs.HTC Logo

HTC Mobiles Phones Price List

The following are the mobiles phones launched by the HTC -


Price in INR

HTC A320E Desire C
9,899 Buy Now
HTC Desire X T328E 15,350 Buy Now
HTC One 40,999 Buy Now
HTC Butterfly X920D 42,090 Buy Now
HTC A620E 8S 18,500 Buy Now
HTC Desire SV 19,999 Buy Now
HTC S728E One X+ 29,900 Buy Now
HTC Wildfire S 8,849 Buy Now
HTC T328W Desire V 13,499 Buy Now
HTC T328D Desire VC 14,990 Buy Now
HTC ONE X S720E 26,500 Buy Now
HTC 8X C620E 33,550 Buy Now
HTC Z560E One S 25,899 Buy Now
HTC ONE X S720E 32GB 34,999 Buy Now
HTC One V T320 13,999 Buy Now
HTC Sensation 24,000 Buy Now
HTC ChaCha A810E 9,250 Available
HTC Desire S 18,049 Available
HTC Radar 17,210 Available
HTC One 45,000 Available
HTC Touch Pro P6850 35,000 Available
HTC G1 25,000 Available
HTC Magic G2 10,500 Available
HTC P3400 13,995 Available
HTC P3300 20,000 Available
HTC 3452 Smartphone 23,900 Available
HTC Touch 3G Dual 24,000 Available
HTC TyTN II 30,529 Available
HTC S710 8,995 Available
HTC Touch P3490 27,269 Available
HTC Touch 3452 15,899 Available
HTC Viva T2223 14,799 Available
HTC P3000 16,500 Available
HTC Touch 3G T3232 16,815 Available
HTC Touch Diamond2 22,300 Available
HTC Snap 16,000 Available
HTC Desire HD 32,490 Available
HTC Desire Z 39,990 Available
HTC 7 Pro 29,000 Available
HTC 7 Mozart 30490 Available
HTC Inspire 4G 35,000 Available
HTC Salsa 24,500 Available
HTC Incredible S 30,000 Available

HTC Tablets Price List

The following are the Tablets launched by the HTC-

Model Price in INR Availability
HTC Flyer 45,000 Available
HTC Puccini 33,000 Available
HTC Quattro Tablet N/A N/A
HTC Jetstream 34,444 Available
HTC Flyer 2 N/A N/A