Qriket Review – Strategy, Spin, Payment Proof

Qriket Review

Qriket Review: We go through a spin and win reward app known as Qriket. Guide on how to get free Qriket spins, find Qriket payment proof screenshot, Qriket alternatives and Qriket payout.

We have seen lot many Android apps which reward customers, Qriket is one such app for rewards. Since it’s your time involved, let us provide you a brief insight on Qriket app by going through Qriket review.

Qriket Review

Officially Qriket says “Spin the wheel, win real money” and its actually true. Winning the money can’t be easier.

Signup Process

Once you download the app from the Play Store for Android or App Store for iPhone, iPad or iPod, you can signup for Qriket using your email address or Facebook login.

Once that is successful, you will get a screen saying that you don’t have any spins left. You can just spin or challenge a person in exchange of $0.05 on the bet color.

Download Qriket for Android

Download Qriket for iPhone

How to get Qriket Spins

You can earn Spins on Qriket app by following two ways –

  • Watching Qrikets advertisements : You will get 1 free spin by watching a video of about 25 seconds.
  • Referring friends to Qriket program : By referring friends to Qriket you can win spins.

How to Earn Money from Qriket

You just have to spin the Qriket wheel in order to earn money/rewards. So, spin the wheel, pick a color out of the two suggested and you earn reward.

How to Withdraw Money from Qriket

Qriket pays all customer through PayPal. If you haven’t got PayPal account then please signup for a free account. The minimum payout is $25 [raised from $5, just couple of weeks back. Sad!!].

Definitely, it will take a couple of days for you to accumulate that $25 into your account and let me tell you that its the Canadian dollars. So if you withdraw at $25, its the CAD $25 and according to conversion rate, you will get only $19 or $18 in USD.

Here is the video explaining you the details process (in Hindi):

Qriket Payment Method: Paypal

Minimum Withdraw: CAD $25 or $20

Qriket Payment Proof:

Obviously, this is not our payment proof screenshot. It was one posted on getpaid.lucas-web.net. We thanks them for providing an opportunity to put the payment proof here.

Some of the common FAQs you might have are –

How much can you earn with Qriket?

It depends on your bet amount and your winning streak. If you continuously go on a winning streak, you might earn $0.50. At maximum, I think you can earn a few cents or one or two dollars per day. The bottom line, you can’t depend on it to supplement your income.

Is joining Qriket free?

Yes, it’s absolutely free.

Can I withdraw money to my bank account from Qriket?

Yes, you can withdraw money from Qriket but the minimum payout is $25 and you get paid via Paypal. From PayPal, you can withdraw it to your bank.

Is Qriket Scam, fake make money program scheme?

Obviously, Qriket isn’t a scam or fake make-money program because it doesn’t promise big dollars game. It’s a simple reward program and it works but the money earned is very very little.

Qriket Country Limitations

Most of the time if you try to install Qriket, you will get an error saying “This item isn’t available in your country“. If you are one such victim, then you should know that the Qriket app is limited to a few countries. Qriket will not work if you are from the following countries –

  • Pakistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Philippines
  • India

Qriket User Reviews & Feedbacks

So here is what some people have to say about Qriket on their Android app –

Royal Memes: Not American USD but Canadian dollars.

I saved up 40 dollars but it’s in Canadian money So i saved up 40 dollars over a period of 6 months and when i finally redeem my money, it turns out that its Canadian money so instead of 40 dollars i got more like 30 dollars. And now CM security detects this app as a risk“.

Mary Ridgway says:

“This app is that it won’t let you cash out until you get to $25.00 and I haven’t even gotten to a $1! So the odds of you getting enough to cash out is highly unlikely. Plus the fact that the spinner hardly ever lands on your color, the ads to get tickets, the long wait times on getting more free tickets, etc”.

Many of the users have even reported that Qriket payment has been canceled.

Apps Like Qriket

If you are looking for Qriket alternatives i.e., apps like Qriket, then here are a few of them.

  • Appcoins

Qriket Conclusion

Obviously spin the win and earn money might look like easy money but making money isn’t that easy. It’s quite an easy game to play but it might not fetch you a good income. Winning spins are rare and earning more Qriket spins is even harder because watching videos is boring.

Our Qriket Rating 3.5/5

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