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Unlike all other blogs/websites which includes links to About, Advertise, Privacy Policy, Contact Us pages, we have provided them with one link accessible from home page, post pages, archive pages or any other page at the footer of our blog with hyperlinked text ‘Get in Touch‘ which leads you to this page.

There are a couple of reasons why we did that [listed below] but let’s get on to what you need here.

TechnosAmigos About Us Page

TechnosAmigos Contact Us Page

TechnosAmigos Privacy Policy

TechnosAmigos Advertise

TechnosAmigos Sitemap

TechnosAmigos Terms and Conditions

Why All Links inside one ‘Get In Touch’ Page?

Each link on a page adds to request and this intern increases page loading time, which is most important. Our blog does a good job in the search engine and ever since page load time is a ‘Search Engine ranking factor’, we are working strongly to maintain simplified and easy navigation design. This helps us to decrease much load on the site and page loads faster, even it’s loaded from a mobile device with a slow 2G/3G connection.

Request to Users

We have sacrificed almost everything for our readers [not much high-end customization, safer advertisements display from trusted ad networks like Google AdSense and VigLink only].

Finally, it’s our sincere request to disable any ad blocker while you are browsing on our site. It helps us to bring out all these useful information before you and this requires research, knowledge, and money to be spent on content coverage.

With all those advantages, you can safely subscribe to our free email updates. Again no SPAM guaranteed as we will deliver only one email a day [Yes, we have limited us not to trouble you] if you subscribe via Feedburner.

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