If you are a game lover and love to spend most of time playing games then r4 3ds cards are for you. If game master is your second name and you take pride in this name then it is time that you update your gaming console at frequent interval of time so that you don’t need to sacrifice on the speed, quality of graphics as well as your game playing experience! After all what is the pleasure in playing a game if the graphics is not crystal clear and you need to struggle with the sound?r4i sdhc 3ds12

But it is time to experience the complete change altogether. R4 3ds cards are here to stay and change your gaming experience totally. It is often considered to be the perfect successor of the DS series. This card is loved and appreciated by game lovers across different continents. If you are wondering what is so unique about then, then read on to find out the reasons.

Special features of r4 3ds:

  • It is a hand held device and boasts of 3 different cameras located on different places. One of the cameras is positioned at the top of the device while the remaining two are positioned on the external part and is used for 3D photography – its major specialization.
  • Another of its special feature is that it has a touch screen. This feature was not available with its earlier DS Series.
  • In order to give an ultimate gaming experience to the players this touch screen comes with a 3D LCD.
  • The makers have ensured that you have an excellent navigation experience while playing the game and hence it comes with advanced browsing features.

Role of r4 3ds cards:

  • This card enhances the speed of the game as well as its download features and gets easily downloaded and one gets extra storage space as well to store more games.
  • This is a 3 in one device as one can play MP3 songs besides watching audio and listening to videos in addition to playing different games at a great speed.
  • And finally one can play the games at an amazing speed with crystal clear graphics.

These r4 3ds cards are available with many online sites. All that one has to do is register in these online sites and place the order. Do not forget to check out the documents while purchasing in order to ensure that they are authentic and genuine.