We have listed 5 reasons why you should buy Samsung Galaxy S5 Rightaway without looking further.

Samsung has been in news for quite some time now. Especially because of its new product that is going to come in the market, Samsung Galaxy S5. It has finally made it official that this product will soon be launched in the market and that it will be available to all the people who love new phones, especially the ones with new features and modifications. It is supposed to be a Smartphone that will be loved by people all over the world. Its simplicity and complexity is a very interesting paradox and it is supposed to be better than any other phone which is their currently in the market.Samsung Galaxy S5

Whether it is Apples iPhone or Google Nexus 5, this will be better than them all. In fact there are so many people who say that it will also be better than iPhone 6, keeping in mind the actual plan that was put behind making this phone. There are five reasons put up by the experts who tell us why we should by this phone if we are still waiting for a good Smartphone. Top five reasons are -

Resistance To Dust and Water

This phone unlike other phones will be dust and water-resistant. One happens to drop their p [hone in places which is likely to contain water, and most of the phones stop working after that. But it wouldn’t happen when you have this phone. Since people are so busy that they even carry their phones to the toilet, this is the most important feature. The glass used in this phone is water-resistant. Though you can’t swim with your phone but definitely you can protect it against water.

Removable Battery

This simply means that your phone will run without the battery when an emergency situation arises. This reason happens to be an all time favorite feature of a smart phone user, and will be one of the most important reasons why people would purchase this phone.

Galaxy S5 Sensors

Sensors which are much more functional and even better  - other sensors and motion gestures, everything in this phone is new and improved. With S5 coming in the market Samsung has shown an improvement with every step that they have taken. And this phone is a fine example of that. This new phone will have all the required features that you would want to have in a high-end smart phone. The new thing that this phone will show will be the monitoring of heartbeat. It would also have a fingerprint scanner and features which you can even imagine. This scanning can help you secure applications and entry into the social network sites too.

Reasonable Price

This phone will be available in the same price as S4 and there could be nothing better than that. Reasonable and the best.

Small Changes in the Interface

Nuances in small quantities with improvements have been put in, in this phone. TouchWiz, camera surface, screen everything is better than before and even new and better virtual keyboard.