Feature rich Camera in PhoneFinding a camera on a smart phone is very common. It’s too common that a basic phone for $ 40 upright has camera although with it’s a basic camera with low resolution they are quite useful and provides fair enough usage whenever required. Top end smart phones come with multi mega pixel camera features and you can find smart phone right now in the market touching 12 mega pixel, 16 mega pixel and I would like to mention that Nokia 808 Pureview is loaded with 41 mega pixel camera breaking revolution in smart phone. These feature rich camera in smartphones are of good quality providing 1080p full HD & 720p HD video recording and high pixels resolution of images. These smart phones with high-end camera features can be used for various purposes. Right now smart phone with 8 mega pixel and 12 mega pixel camera is considered to have good camera capabilities.

Listed here are some of the advantages of having high-end smart phones which have 8 mega pixel or 12 mega pixel or more pixel smart phone -

  • Capture Priceless Moments: Amusement parks and theme parks have become famous spots to get int touch with nature and enjoy a beautiful holiday. While you are in a Park or shopping mall you might want to capture the pictures for remembrance. At that, you moment it might strike to your mind that if you have carried a digital camera it would have been better. So at that point, having a featured rich camera in phone can be useful to snap photos and videos.
    Suggested Better Camera Phones:  HTC One X with 8 mega pixel camera, Samsung Galaxy S III with 8 mega pixel camera, iPhone 5
  • Gain Reputation, Earn Money using Real Life Videos: While going through your normal day routine you might come across certain happenings or incidents that you might interested to record. On the other side what sales more on YouTube is certain shocking or comedy incidents which are in real. Several web master pay to make videos real and if you have a good featured camera in phone with good video recording capabilities (if its 1080p HD then it’s very good) you can record the real life scene (like say Flash mob held while you are in one of the shopping mall). Upload them to YouTube and let me tell you that those videos are seen by huge number of fans. This way you gain certain reputation of your YouTube channel. What more interesting is that you can make money using the Google AdSense program under “AdSense for Content Hosted”. There are webmasters who make a decent income via YouTube and it’s one of the viable sources of income. And this is possible if you have a featured rich camera in smart phone.Using Phone Camera Make Money with YouTube
    Suggest Video Camera Phones: Sony XPeria T, Samsung Galaxy S III, iPhone 5
  • Copy of Important Documents: Having a featured rich camera in smart phone can be helpful in real time.  Like say if you are at a metro station and you might find the metro train timings & schedule. There is no way you can take a Xerox of that unless you find it listed online and easier for you is to take a snap using your feature rich camera in smartphones and later use it for your personal use. The usage of the taken photos from your phone’s camera is endless as it can be printed easily as it has better resolution.
    Suggest HQ Camera Phones : Sony XPeria T, Samsung Galaxy Note II, iPhone
  • Sudden Meet with Famous Actor/Celebrity : We all are excited to meet our favorite celebrity and when you have the chance to meet him/her, you might not have camcorder or handy cam along with you because its a sudden incident. At that time your featured rich camera in smart phones can come handy making use of the camera and video recording.
  • barcode scanning using phone cameraFunction as a Bar Code Reader : Bar code or QR Code has really changed to way we gather information of a products. Many smart phones includes free download of Bar code scanner app or called as QR Code scanner. Bar code scanner application uses your phone’s primary camera and having a better camera on the rear side of the smartphone will provide quick scanning and processing. This is one of the other advantage of having feature rich camera in smartphones.
  • Use as a Web Camera : There exists various utilities available for free download which can convert the function of your camera in to web camera for your computer. This is usually done by connecting your phone using the USB cable to the PC or you can go through wireless Bluetooth connectivity as well. Still lot many advanced tools are available by which you can convert your phone as web camera for PC.
  • Use as a Mirror : Often time when you travel in two wheeler or when you are about to reach a party, featured rich camera in smart phone can be handy as you can take self-picture with it to assure that makeup and hair are at its best. Alternatively for Windows Phones, Android Phones and iOS based phones we have apps which can function as a mirror and this provides more flexibility.