6 Reasons Why Technology is Important


Technology has completely changed how we communicate, educate and entertain ourselves. Today, you can connect all your wireless devices for faster communication and transfer of data as well as information, which was once the domain of sci-fi comics and books. Given the technological infrastructure of connected machines, the speed with which you can communicate has become phenomenal. You can send an email or a message on social media in only minutes or seconds depending on the content. Big businesses can no longer think of growth without technological advancement – continually evolving technology has improved efficiency and productivity levels thus transforming business management around the globe.

While technology holds great importance in both the personal and professional lives of most people, some are still reluctant to embrace it. Yet even those who tend to shun it find some form or the other of technology playing its part in their households and businesses. Smartphones and PCs are probably the two most commonly utilized proponents of technology that have become part of everyday lives for millions. For the countless, millennials who constitute a massive chunk of the human population on earth currently, technology not only connects all their wireless devices for faster communication and transfer of data but also assists with conducting mundane tasks remotely – like turning on your bedroom lights through your smartphone.

Therefore, here are the 6 top reasons why technology is important:

Development in Education

Technology has enhanced the education system. Now with computers, iPads, and tablets incorporated into our school systems, teachers are able to manage report cards and grading papers more efficiently relieving them from working well beyond regular school hours. The Internet has made information readily accessible and provided better ways of knowledge sharing. You can access any sort of information, thanks to the World Wide Web.

With the availability of educational CDs, online lectures, lessons, degrees, and training courses, education has undoubtedly become far more accessible than ever before. Moreover, even employed professionals can continue their education because of the flexibility online education allows thus reshaping the education industry and its norms.

Faster Communication

Technology has changed the way we communicate. We have come a long way from pigeons carrying messages to sending emails in an instant. Cellphones and satellites have made communication fast and convenient. Thanks to the Internet, now we can exchange information over long distances in seconds. Moreover, with just a few clicks, your computer can take you virtually anywhere you want. Albeit you do need the best internet connection, you can get for faster communication. In an ideal world, and if you are very lucky, Spectrum Internet would be it.

A Necessity for Business

Small and big businesses need induction of technology to be able to flourish. Expanding across continents cannot be possible without technological advancements. Today businesses need technology not only to enhance organizational infrastructures but also to efficiently conduct complex industrial processes. Machines make large-scale production of goods possible. The software industry would not have grown without computers.

For businesses, technology also plays a key role in helping reach out to customers and potential collaborators through social media, as well as other methods such as setting up online workshops, conferences, etc. Moreover, with the technological assistance available today businesses are also able to create more employment opportunities for people while also being able to introduce new advancements to the processes involved in recruitment – conducting interviews and managing data in a technologically efficient manner goes a long way to increase the credibility of the organization or company. More exposure in the global market, increase in quantity, quality, and sales, reduction in costs, access to information, supply chain management, reduction in workload on staff – these are just a few of the benefits of technology for businesses.

Machine Assistance in Healthcare

Even healthcare cannot do without technology. Doctors and patients can communicate on their wireless devices about medication and related issues. Surgeons can implement computer-assisted medical procedures. From scans to patient-monitoring equipment, surgical instruments, and complex therapies, technology has come to play a vital role in healthcare. Now with many medical procedures becoming mechanized doctors perform surgeries on simulators before carrying out the procedure on an actual patient assisted by machines.


Satellite and radio communication has benefited the entertainment industry too. You can watch all your favorite channels from all over the world on your TV set, thanks to technology. TV shows and films can reach you within minutes after they have released thanks to Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix & other entertainment apps.

Technology has touched even the remotest of locations through entertainment – not to forget communication. With radio communication, you can listen to breaking news even if you live in the countryside or up in the otherwise inaccessible mountain regions.

Fortifying Security

Today, most businesses are subject to security threats. They have to implement technology to protect financial data, executive decisions, and other organizational information that could lead to a competitive disadvantage. Simply put, technology helps businesses keep their ideas away from their competition. A classic example of technology enhancing security is the use of passwords. Be it business or personal information a password can ensure that no information is leaked out to or copied by the competition.

Technology has become a vital part of our lives. It saves human effort and makes life a lot more comfortable. From paying at your local restaurant to getting your e-tickets at home, technology will continue to become a more prevalent part of our everyday living – so undoubtedly it is here to stay!

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