Are you still a big fan of those Nokia featured phones which were popular 10 years ago. Many of my friends still wants to owe these featured phones. If you are one such gentleman looking to owe one such business phone then here is your best shot as refurbished Nokia 1110i and Nokia 1650 is currently listed on Flipkart. There is no way you can get these Nokia phones official as they are officially discontinued.

Nokia 1110i
Nokia 1110i during official launch in 2006| (C) 2005 Ng Chong Seng

Nokia 1100i is a close variant of Nokia 1110 and Nokia 1101. They are popular because of their long battery life. Unlike smartphones of today era which needs to be charged overnight, these Nokia featured phones can provide battery life of more than three days.

Refurbished Nokia 1650 is a Single SIM phone and it includes 1 mega pixel rear camera. It has 1.6 inch 128 x 128 pixels display has 2 MB RAM, 512 MB internal memory and gets 970 mAh battery.Nokia 1650 Refurbished

The seller CrownTradingCo is providing one month seller warranty on all accessories and note clearly says that this might be slightly different than the original one since it’s a refurbished item.

The Nokia 1110i was launched in 2006, it has black and white display with talking alarm and clock, polyphonic ringing tones and gets 900 mAh BL-5CA battery.

If you are interested in purchasing these two featured phones, then you want to check out these links and depend on seller with trust from Flipkart. I would certainly recommend them even though they are refurbished phones, they are still the favorites.

Buy the Nokia 1650 Refurbished unit

Buy the Nokia 1100i Refurbished unit