Remove BlinkFeed From HomeScreen on Sense 6.0

HTC BlinkFeed

Guide to remove BlinkFeed From HomeScreen on Sense 6.0 on HTC Android phones like One M8, E8 & other HTC Desire models.

HTC is that one phone that has brought in several other features that other phones might not have. The new Sense 6.0 has so many new features that the users find it quite amusing and usable. It has become very popular amongst the users. One of the most important reasons why people who are using HTC phones of the higher range especially Sense, is the Blink Feed that is only available in HTC.

Sense 6 is often updates because of this one reason.  Since this is one thing that displays everything on the screen simultaneously it helps you to see a lot of things at a go. You can see what is happening around the world on your phone screen and most importantly you can see what is happening in all spheres and make your presence felt.

But nevertheless, there are certain things that some people like and the same things maybe disliked by other people. Blink Feed is one such example. Hence they look for ways through which they can remove this from their home screen and make space for the things they love.

If you are one of them, here are the three simple steps in which you can remove the BlinkFeed from your screen-

  • Home screen has to be tapped on for a longer than usual time.
  • Manage Home Screen Option’ has to be selected.
  • We then need to go to Blink Feed panel and click on the option that reads ‘Remove’.

With that BlinkFeed has been removed.

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