Root Android Phones: As we know that all or most of the Android devices comes with locked bootloaders to prevent the device from third-party applications which may harm the device. If you wish to root your device or apply any custom packages to it then you have to unlock your device bootloader before you begin with the procedure.Android 6.0 Marshmallow

There are many Android enthusiasts who like to experience with their device by installing new custom packages to get system level customization on the device. So, to do this the only way is to root the device and flash the required custom files. Some manufacturers are now providing official ways of unlocking their device bootloaders.

Assuming that you may be aware of the fact that once you unlock your device bootloaders you will void the device warranty completely and you will completely wipe out the device data.

But in this guide, we have found a way to help you with rooting your device without the hesitation of unlocking bootloader with a very simple procedure. Nowadays their applications which directly gives the facility of rooting the device just with a single click of button and this procedure does not require unlocking of the bootloader. One of this applications is KingRoot.

Procedure to Root without unlocking bootloader

  1. Download and install the kingroot .apk file from the link.
  2. If you get a prompt to Allow Google to regularly check device activity for security problems make sure to DECLINE it.
  3. Open Kingroot app once the installation completes and press the Start root button to begin the rooting process.
  4. During the process you will receive repeated warnings by Google to check device activity.
  5. Decline the warnings like you previously did in Step 2.
  6. If the process finishes successfully, then you have rooted the device.
  7. To verify root access, download the root checker app from the Google Play Store.

That was simple and easy.