Meizu is one of the emerging Phone maker in China who have expanded their reach in other Asian countries like India, Malaysia, Indonesia & few more. Meizu is not just limited to Asian markets as it’s also available in Europe and other countries where the companies phone is offered.Meizu M2

The device is not available officially in USA but they can get the device through Amazon without warranty. There are many good features available in this device but the best among them is One click root option which is not available in any other manufacturer devices.

This feature comes in built within the device so, you need not find any third party apps to root your device you can do it very easily just by a simple toggle key. But before that you need to register your self for Meizu account.

Now, let us see how can you get this Root functionality on your Meizu M2 phone.

Procedure to Root Meizu M2

  1. Open app drawer and go to Settings.
  2. Click on second option in Settings menu.
  3. Now, select My Flyme from the options shown.
  4. Unique registration number will be displayed in the next screen.
  5. Click on the registration number to see further more settings.
  6. After clicking on Registration number scroll down in the next page and turn on the toggle key of System privileges.
  7. To check which app uses Root access you can click on Open System Privileges. In this menu you can allow or disallow root access for different applications.

That is it you have now got the root access on your Meizu M2. You can use this instructions for any Meizu device. To check the root status you can download and install Root Checker app from the Play Store.

Thank you for reading the article.