Samsung Galaxy S4 hasn’t just arrived for public but the folks at XDA Forums are much excited. A Senior Member at XDA forums has pulled out a surprise as he has gone through rooting of Samsung Galaxy S4. Now you know that rooting is the first & primary step required to enter into the world of custom firmware’s. Here in this article we show you procedure on how you can root your Samsung Galaxy S4 based on stock Android 4.2.2, XXUAMC6 firmware.root Samsung Galaxy S4

Before we proceed to the rooting instructions, you need to ensure the following mandatory steps and performed on your device –

  • All the data on your Galaxy S4 should be backed up as in this update procedure it would be lost.
  • You should enable USB debugging on your device. You can do it by going through Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging on your device.
  • You should have atleast 50% battery life left on your device or else you are asking for trouble.

Note: Rooting on any phone will void warranty; the same applies to Samsung Galaxy S4. Warranty can be reclaimed by updating back your device to stock version. We would be help no responsibility if you proceed with this firmware update.

Root Galaxy S4 - Procedure

Here is the rooting procedure mentioned on your device –

  • Download the XXUAMC6 rooting pack on to your PC.
  • Also download the Odin flashing tool as well. Once these are downloaded, extract both the files and open Odin on your PC.
  • On one side run the ODIN tool and keep it open.
  • Turn off your phone so as to enter it in Download Mode. Galaxy S4 can be entered in download mode by pressing the Volume Down Key, Menu Button and then Power button on the device. Once the phone turns ON, you will see Green robot on your device, release the buttons combinations.
  • Connect your phone using the USB cable to PC and on your ODIN tool you will see that ID: COM section has turned Yellow indicating that the device is successfully connected to PC and you are ready to move further onto next step.
  • Click on the PDA in ODIN and browse through the rooting package tar file which is found on the extracted folder.
  • Click on Start button in ODIN to begin the process of rooting. Once it’s done, your phone will be automatically restarted. It may take little time to boot your device.

The process of rooting Galaxy S4 has been completed. You can verify by downloading the Root Checker app from Google Play Store. Feel free to drop us a comment as thanks for this tip or if you have faced any issue during the update.